LED lighting utilized to send and pick up data to laptops or smartphones

Now days anyone has got wireless networks that work radio waves and they have got optical networks that operate light itinerant in tiny glass fibers. Upcoming days, if Fraunhofer Institute research comes near to achievement, a blend of the two may possibly change living-room lights into network devices.

Fraunhofer said that the German applied-research lab has enhanced wireless networking, which works fast blinking LEDs to transmit data via the air. The technology is able to send data at speeds up to 1 Gbps  and this process happen by using 3 colors of light, triple that data rate is possible.

Anagnostis Paraskevopoulos, a researcher with the institute’s photonics network group said that his own conviction is that the primary applications will be on the professional stage, like meeting rooms, fair trade booths, industrial manufacture surroundings, and hospitals.

Source: http://www.aoneinfo.com/led-lights-may-be-turn-into-network-devices-also/