Political policies making sense – LED implementation

We don’t often think of political policies making sense, or being economically or environmentally friendly.

Check out some governments’ policies on lighting, efficiency and environment:

  • European Union prohibited the usage of incandescent lights of 100W or higher since 2009, and beginning with September 2011 the EU prohibited the sale of 60W incandescent lights. The EU also intends to replace all incandescent light sources in all European countries until 2015, and to replace all economical lights until 2016.
  • Australia prohibited since 2008 the import and sale of incandescent light sources.
  • Switzerland and Thailand prohibited the sale of low efficiency light sources since 2007.
  • Ireland prohibited since 2009 the commercialisation of light sources with low efficiency.
  • Great Britain prohibited the usage of all incandescent light sources since 2011.
  • USA started the process of replacing all incandescent light sources.
  • India implemented the project replacing 400 million incandescent lights finalised in 2012.
LED Lighting all over the World
LED Lighting all over the World